Into the wild…

As part of my efforts to promote my novel in unusual ways, one of the more fun, but probably less successful, ways will have been this one.

One Saturday morning I left a copy of my novel in a Starbucks in Green Park, with a message inside the front cover. It welcomed the reader to take the novel, read it, and share it onwards. I figured it would make a fun gift to whoever had the curiosity to check it out, and you never know, it may show up again one day.

My Twitter and Instagram details are on intothewildthe next page of the novel, so if someone did find it then maybe I will eventually hear about it.

I went back past the Starbucks ten minutes later, and the copy had gone from the table on which I left it, but who knows if it was just cleaned up and thrown away, or actually taken off on an adventure.

Anyone who has read the story may notice that the timing and location were very specific. I do hope that the person who found it started to read the first page, then quickly realised that the novel they were reading actually started exactly where they were reading it…

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