Pimlico: the restaurants

Ninth in a series of articles on Pimlico, putting words to page on an area of London that I’ve lived in for a few years.  If these read well, I might cover other parts of London I know or explore in the same manner. You can use the ‘Pimlico’ category tag on this site to see the related posts. This one is about some of the local eateries.

Without much of a late-night life, Pimlico denizens instead turn to the local pubs, bars and restaurants. I’ve covered a few of the choice pubs and bars in another post so here, instead, is the other side of the coin – some of the eateries available to the Pimlico-goer. This won’t be a foodie based write-up, as I’m simply not good enough to dissect food presentation, taste and the restaurant experience. This is just a quick few thoughts on each one from a local.

I’ve actually not eaten in some of the ones I’ve most being wishing to try out, saving them for a dating life that never quite materialised in the way I wanted.


Offering French cuisine, Grumbles is a small Bistro on Churton Street. It’s immediately recognisable by the low hanging blue awning, and inside is has a small and homely setting. It has been around since the 1960’s. It has a basic furnishing and range of foods, ranging from gastro-pub offerings, to fish dishes, steaks, and pies. It is very well-done food, simple and tasty, and It’s a good spot for a small, intimate meal.

New Jomura:

Good Indian food.

An Indian restaurant on Wilton Road that I go to with a reasonable frequency. It’s a small and narrow place, offering bright colours in the trim, and simple, neat tables. There are possibly a few too many tables for the space, and some of them are not well positioned if the place is full and it is a cold night outside. On the wall are a number of Jack Vettriano prints that I’ve always liked. The service is pretty quick here, although maybe rushed when they get busy. But the food is good, and worth checking out. My particular favourite is the Gosht Kata Masala, with ginger and lamb.



Also in Wilton road, this is a lovely Ottoman place, and has a smaller sister venue across the road. It can be busy enough at times to require booking, and the last time I was there the staff were a little clumsy in their abortive attempts to find a table as we hadn’t booked. But the food is good, and the atmosphere is amiable. It has a feeling of class without any pretentiousness.

Food options cater for all tastes, with several vegetarian and vegan options, but there are also meats cooked on a fire-grill that will appeal to the meat-eater.

Loco Mexicano:

img_2714Also also, on Wilton road (you’ll see a theme here), this is a fun Mexican place. Complete with rubberised table cloths and sombreros for parties, it plays up to and enjoys the people visiting here. The food is quick and the menu is laminated. Tequila is prominently offered. But the place is popular, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. Its well worth a visit. I’ve left very full every time, and don’t think I’ve ever made it to the desert options.


Guess what street this is on? Yep, Wilton Road. It’s a fish and chip shop with a restaurant on the side – although the website would have you believe it’s the other way around. The fish and chips are certainly worth having, they definitely meet the required grease, batter and crunch. The only time I’ve eaten in the restaurant side of the place is when I had a German visitor over, one who wanted to do the ‘British’ cuisine thing (we had a roast at Cask on the Sunday, too). She enjoyed it, but I have to admit that given the mark-up to sit in the restaurant side, I wouldn’t recommend the experience: to me, fish and chips should be cheap, wrapped in paper and to go!


I love the name!

On Vauxhall Bridge Road (finally, not Wilton Road), there is an Argentinian cantina called Moo. Medium sized, with a mix of furnishings, it has a welcoming and comfortable feeling to it. In the bar area, some of the tables are old barrels, and in the outdoor area, repurposed pallets give a fun feeling to the tables and benches. Friendly staff (including one of the most beautiful and happy women in Pimlico, I swear), good red wine, and amazing steaks all make this a great place to go. There may be better steaks out there, but I’m not enough of a connoisseur to know where – and the group I last went with all agreed. Also: halloumi chips. Get the halloumi chips.


To try:

Here are a few that I’ve wanted to try out for a while. I’ve been waiting for the right chance, as some of them feel like a special occasion or ‘third date’ type of place.

About Thyme:

Very small, and Italian, I think, cuisine. But it has an intimate feeling to it, and a short but tasty looking menu.


Off the back of the Park Plaza hotel and a corner of Vauxhall Bridge Road, this is a very upmarket place. Prices have put me off for now, but it definitely looks like a good place to take someone who you want to feel treated.

A Wong:


This is number one on my to do list. It’s Michelin starred, and is Chinese. A few years back a big foodie friend of mine told me that the ‘taste of China’ menu, only served in the evenings, is the best food she’s ever had.

At £70 a head last time I looked (though I’ve heard it might be more now) that isn’t something I’m just going to throw cash at for the experience though – I’m waiting for a special event…

Cambridge Street Kitchen:

On Cambridge Street, oddly. I’ve been to the ‘secret’ cocktail bar beneath it, but never had the food here. But it seems like a popular place, and is another that is high on my to-do list.

Cacio e Pepe:

Opposite Grumbles on Churton Street, this place just looks nice. But the prices have steered me away more than once. Still, it looks good, and I’m keen to try it. That being said, I’ve been told by an Italian friend of mine that O’Sole Mio, an Italian place across the road, do really good pizzas.

The regulars:

Pimlico isn’t without a showing of the other regular offerings that can be found about town, and I’m been to several of these over the years. As you’d expect, these include staples such as Pizza Express, Preto, Nando’s and Giraffe. I don’t feel they really require a note as if you’ve been to any of these before then you know the deal.

Reliable, well presented, tasty. All good!

You can use the ‘Pimlico’ category tag on this site to see the related posts.

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