Anthony Le Sueur

Author page, home of The Devil's Playbook and other writings.


Anthony Le Sueur is the author of The Devil’s Playbook, an urban fantasy story set in present-day London. The novel was published in August 2016 and is currently available in both e-book and paperback formats.

The latest three posts are below, and all others can be found on the ‘Posts’ page (funny, that), using the menu above. The Devil’s Playbook has its own place here, and everything else should be fairly self-explanatory. I sometimes post on Medium to see what happens over there, but will try to replicate the content here, too. I’m not on FB, IG or SC because I don’t like traumatising my self-esteem like that.

Below the latest three articles, you’ll find some useful doodads if you want to find out the recent posts, post categories, and a couple of the more benign social widgets.

Feedback and enquires are absolutely welcome. I can be contacted by email at, or via LinkedIn and Twitter.