The paperback is here!

The paperback is ready… which is so exciting.

Available on Amazon since early September 2016, it is priced at £8.50 in the UK. It is produced through Createspace, an Amazon company, and comes in at just over 300 pages.

It was made available only a month after the Kindle version of the novel, but there was a moment as I held the proof copy where everything felt that little bit more real. Sure, the Kindle version is also real, and there’s been some great feedback on it, but the physical heft of a tangible product is something special.

It has come out well in a gloss finish, and the simple cover really stands out. It was always my intention to make sure that the novel stood apart on a shelf, and the minimalistic design looks great. The dimensions are 13.3cm width, 1.8 cm thickness. 20.3 cm height.

I’ve handed out a few copies here and there, and even left at least one in the wild to see if anyone ever finds it and reads it. I pretty much always have a copy near to hand now! It’s a fairly expensive method of promotion, but there’s no doubt that the physical product moves a conversation from the casual ‘oh, you wrote a book?” to the much more excited “oh wow, you wrote a book!“.

The paperback is not just available in the UK Amazon store, it should be available in most local Amazon stores, too.

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