The Devil’s Playbook

About the novel

An urban fantasy tale set in present-day London, The Devil’s Playbook weighs in at around 89,000 words, putting it at about the length of the first Harry Potter. It is a lighthearted story that uses quiet humour to make observations on modern society and our culture. The tale weaves through a number of recognisable locations in London; some that will be found on the regular tourist routes, and others that will be better known to the night-time crowds of the capital.

The paperback. I love holding a copy in my hands!

The novel explores the idea that angels and demons are not only real, but mingled among our society in secret, interacting with us every day. Each side guides us in their own way, and they could be anyone you know…

Format & where to buy

The Devil’s Playbook is available in most regional Amazon stores, but the link to the UK store page is here. The novel starts at £2.29 for the Kindle version.

The novel is self-published through the Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace tools in e-book and paperback, respectively.

Synopsis & preview

The back page blurb is below, and a preview of the Kindle version can be found after that. Feel free to take a look at it.

From the back cover:

Angels exist. They are hidden among us, looking just like us, guiding and influencing our lives. They could be any one of the people you pass every day. Your neighbour, your hairdresser, or the homeless man on the corner; you will never know, and they work to keep it that way.

But they are not alone, for demons also exist. Working in secret, they manipulate society in their own way, ever the counterpoint to the work of the angels. Bound by strict covenant, both sides have long refrained from revealing their true nature to humanity.

Until now, that is. While sat in a coffee shop in London, Andy has just discovered the truth. He’s been approached by a rather talkative man who, not simply content with interrupting Andy’s thoughts, also just introduced himself…

…he says he’s The Devil.

Preview of Kindle vision:

tdp-cover-2-border-jpgClicking on the cover image should open up a preview panel, where you can explore the first couple of chapters for free. If it doesn’t, then you can also find the same preview on Amazon. Just navigate to your regional Amazon site, search for The Devil’s Playbook, and look for the kindle version, where a preview should be available.

The novel was first conceived at the end of a Hallowe’en night out, and the first draft was put together as part fo the Nanowrimo challenge, which targets 50,000 words in one month. The subsequent drafts, re-reads, rewrites and edits took place during the first nine months of 2016.